Coping Skills Group

The goal of the group is to strengthen and develop a sense of personal control by learning how to overcome adversity within the biological, psychosocial, and sociological dimensions with or without eliminating the basis of the condition.

This group utilizes a combination of process, skill, and psychoeducational group models.

Offered – Every Month - Closed Group (minimum 4 participants)
Length – 1.5 hours
Duration  – 4 sessions - 1 per week (four consecutive weeks)
Cost – refer to price sheet

Key Concepts & Objectives
Anger management issues & learning to effectively manage anger / self-control

Reduce the likelihood of continued alcohol and/or substance use resulting in legal, social and emotional problems

Identification & exploration of good vs. bad coping skills & techniques

Working knowledge of action based vs. emotion based coping skills

Develop an awareness of stressors and personal plan for dealing with stress

Engage clients in discussion in order to relate what they are learning to their own substance use.

Course Outline
Session 1 – Mindfulness & Coping Principles
Session 2 – Ways of Thinking
Session 3 – Problem Solving
Session 4 – Communication

*The Coping Skills for Life workbook from the Hope and Cope Wellness Centre was used as the foundation for this group.  Linda Edgar, PhD (Principal Developer)

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